Mt. Pinatubo Adventure

Mt. Pinatubo from Bulacan
February 28, 2019
November 22, 2019

Mt. Pinatubo Adventure w/ free 1 side trip in Tarlac

Trekking the majestic Mt. Pinatubo offers you the most memorable day. The views of the crater lake are breathtaking and worth every minute of the trek. It involves a 4x4 ride on a lahar field surrounded by panoramic sand walls.

A once in a lifetime adventure!.


4x4 Jeep (Inclusive of gas, trip dues & driver)
All Gov’t entrance fees & climbing permit
Services of a local trail guide
Services of an English Speaking Guide/Coordinator
Certificate of Conquest
Snack: 500ml Bottled Water, bread, banana, pineapple juice in can
FREE 1 Side Trip:

Option 1 : Capas Shrine
Option 2 : Bamban Museum

Optional Add-ons:
Travel Insurance – 150 Pesos
Packed Lunch – 250 Pesos
Meal 1 : 1 cup of rice, pork adobo, 1 boiled egg, 1 cup cake, 1 bottled water, 1 apple
Meal 2 : 1 cup of rice, chicken adobo, 1 boiled egg, 1 cup cake, 1 bottled water, 1 apple
Short visit to Goshen Resort – Admission Fee P150

10-15 Hours

Important reminders before booking this trip:

  1. Bookings for Mt.Pinatubo Trek is available daily. Bring 1 valid ID for registration.
  2. This tour is weather dependent. Any advisory closure will be sent by Capas Tourism Office to all Pinatubo Tour Operators. Make sure you are dealing with licensed tour operators to avoid scams.
  3. There will be a short briefing before dispatching to explain how & why you should strictly follow procedure. They will also explain the fees collected, where it goes, why it is being collected. You are also required to sign a waiver and quitclaim form from Capas Tourism Office prior to climb.
  4. You must be physically fit. Hikers over 40 years old have to get their blood pressure checked. In case there are doubts about your fitness and health. Ages 60 and above medical certificate is required. There is no standby ambulance in the area take note of that. Cut Off registration at the base camp is at 7:00AM.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes. You will be crossing streams so expect your feet to get wet.
  6. A maximum of five(5) tourist will be accommodated in a 4x4 jeep. The trail changes by the day and in some cases, by the hour, depending on weather conditions.
  7. The peak of Mt. Pinatubo is 24kms from the base camp at the barangay.
  8. You will be trekking along the riverbed of Tarlac river. You will be walking over sand, gravel, stones and boulders. The slope has a very easy incline that you will barely notice it.
  9. The more stops you make to rest and take photos, the longer the trek will take. Some make it in 1.5 Hours, some take as long as 3 hours or more to reach the top.
  10. The view deck is a small park where you can rest and comfortably soak in the majestic view. Swimming at the crater lake is strictly prohibited. A drunk tourist drowned there years ago and authorities do not want a repeat of the tragedy. You can touch the water though.
  11. Everyone (tourists and Pinatubo staffs) are only allowed to stay there until 12 noon. After that, everyone must go down. It rains suddenly and without warning high in the mountain. You don’t want to get stranded there when it rains.
  12. This is a guided private tour.
  13. Proceeds from the trips are shared to different aeta communities of Capas Tarlac and Botolan, Zambales. All Capas DOT Accredited Tour Operators must be in compliance to all policies and ordinances to Mt.Pinatubo and it’s environs.
  14. For Bookings & Inquiries, Please SMS 09064007268 or send us an email.
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    Subject : MT.PINATUBO

So what are you waiting for? Let’s all witness God’s great creation, the majestic Mt. Pinatubo! Book Now!

For Bookings & Inquiries, Please SMS 09064007268 or send us an email.

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Please note that it is very important to use a government accredited tour operator such as ourselves when booking a day tour in the Philippines to avoid scams. This is for your safety.