• George Tito
    Message: I want you to among the first to know that my trip in Singapore has come to a very enjoyable and memorable trip ever.. Please do forgiv me for being makulet at siguro nakakainis na ang kakulitan namin mag asawa.. But despite all of these, i would like to thank you for all your help not only that but by also by your understanding and friendly words of encourgement. Also, my wife would like to extend her sincere thanks xor uour kind help ans encoutagement during our search. I appreciate all the help. I look forward to staying in contact with you! Again, thank you!
    George Tito
  • It is my immense pleasure to recomend 583 travels for the effort for assisting for having a multiple visa of Japan and Canada and in a limited time i gave to them..to ms cristine and the staff of 583..congratulations job well done..me and my family now enjoying here in canada after our trip in japan..again thank you very much.
    Enrico Malonzo
  • Very efficient service. They accommodate and arange our air transportation when we had our CFC-YFC Event in Davao. Very good service and legit! :) Thank you 583 travel and more power!
    Mendoza AF
  • Thank you for assisting us with our Japan Visa! Here's a video of us enjoying Japan. This tour became possible because of you guys! Thanks! Looking forward to our next Travel in Korea!
    See Video
    Dharnie Pantig Soriano
  • Thank you Ms Cristine Mendoza and to all the people behind 583 IMMIGRATION AND TRAVEL CONSULTANCY for assisting on our UK tourist Visa!We had an incredible trip and enjoyable experience in UK last August 2017.This tour became possible because of you guys! Thanks!!
    RM Bheng
  • Found an awesome team who assisted us with the requirements. From small details, they able to provide and find the recommendation from the staff. I can commend all of these folks providing quality service.

    Good job 583 Travel :) until the next booking

    Francis Gamboa Caragay
  • 583 is a great asset to have on your side for solid information, interview counseling and fast service. Her staff is also knowledgeable.

    I have used 583 to help me get a 13A Visa, and my passport renewals and even my wife's USA 10-year visitor visa. She has the know-how and contacts to streamline the entire process. If you ever have to go to manila for a procedure she knows all the right people there which results in no waiting and positive results.

    On several occasions I have had questions in the evening with friends: Where do I have to go to get this done? Or how much does this cost? Or what papers do I have to bring? She has answered my texts and calls promptly at all times. I initially shopped her fees but she consistently was the best.

    Don’t waste your time or money; go with 583 Travel.

    Gregory Mann
  • franjodev
    Super service! We always professionals do what they do best. You can experience this and more with 583
  • Percival Lagman
    They are very kind and helpful staff. They are very punctual once you have request a assistance with them. Keep up the good work..God bless always.
    Percival Lagman
  • Neilvi Banning
    highly recommended, great service, friendly staffs very accommodating. You don't have to worry coz they will arrange everything for you. airfares accommodations. Good Job Guys, Keep up it up!
    Neilvi Banning
  • Aizel Siabal
    The owner and staff of 583 display a thorough knowledge immigration laws and visa requirements. They assisted us with obtaining a Philippine permanent resident visa for a reasonable fee and everything went very smoothly. They simplified for us a process that could have been quite complex and walked us through every step of the way. We were especially plea
    Aizel Siabal
  • Randy Gora
    IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A PROFESSIONAL TRAVEL AGENCY THIS IS IT EVERYTHING YOU NEED!!! I had a huge problem. I was worried about my visa I'm so thankful that I went into 583 Immigration and Travel Consultancy and met CHRISTINE MENDOZA she went above and beyond to help me fix my visa. She can do just about anything to help people in any situation. if it wasn't for her I don't know what I would have done. She fixed my airline ticket when the airlines denied me to correct my spelling on my name which was totally my fault. I called many times to the airlines and was told I had to buy another ticket. she contacted the airlines Herself and it straighten out just like that problem solved!!! What you will gain from using it 583 Immigration and Travel Consultancy is nothing but the best. Myself after using them I gained a friend.. So if your looking to travel or fix your visa or if you have any other problems or questions that worry you request CHRISTINE MENDOZA she's by far the best and very professional at her job and she can do anything you need all you have to do is ask...... Don't bother wasting your time or money with other travel agencies this is all you need.... Request CHRISTINE MENDOZA and you will be 100% satisfied
    Randy Gora
  • Hi, Having had the need for assistance, for my wife's visa, and other travel queries. We went to 583 Immigration and spoke to the "Boss woman" - Christine. What a lovely lady, and all her staff were so friendly. We left there with more confidence, and had to return for other advice, nothing was too much trouble and we had everything sorted, after our second visit.
    I can't praise this company enough, personal service counts a lot, and they gave it in bundles. Very pleased with the price, and outcome and worry and burden being lifted and passed to a very competent PROFESSIONAL group. Many thanks.
    Keith Nails
  • I would like to recommend this agency 583 Immigration and Travel Consultant and specially Ms. Christine and these employees, they have been really professional in all the time of applying my permanent quarterly visa. It was a pleasure to have their service with them. Thank you very much.
    Patrick Cevey
  • Thank you Christine for all your help getting a Fiancee Visa for Lenie. Your knowledge of the immigration process was invaluable in obtaining Lenie's Visa and we both thank you for all your help. We are happily married now in USA.
    Jay Helfert
  • Their staffs are always passionate about always doing the right thing for their clients even if it isn't easy. They assist you every step of the way and provides great oustanding service. They are also knowledgeable and reliable when it comes to immigration concerns that is why I highly recommend 583 Immigration and travel to my friends and family. Thank you 583!
  • What a fine crew...the staff at 583 along with Ms Christine have been a great asset to me. They have arranged airfares and accommodation for me from Angeles, Subic Bay and Boracay....with 100+% effort. They have always made me feel welcome, relaxed and stress free. I highly recommend Christine and the staff of 583 to organise all your travel needs and any immigration requirements you may have. I am from Australia.
    Kenneth Wood

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